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Attendee explains 1.5 generation at KSCC screening

After the Screenings of PBS documentary The Flute Player and narrative short the Golden Voice one of the screening attendees talks about Arn Chorn-Pond’s work with 1.5 generation Cambodians, and what that means

Anira Asks Questions About Films at KSCC 2010

Student organizer Anira Klok asks follow up questions after the screenings of two films that deal with Cambodian American issues the narrative short The Golden Voice, and feature documentary The Flute Player

Zona speaks at opening night KSCC 2010

Student organizer Zona Keo talks to a group of student leaders after a double screening of narrative short The Golden Voice www.thegoldenvoicemovie.com and feature documentary The Flute Player: http://www.hulu.com/watch/69771/pbs-indies-the-flute-player
Zona says a few inspiring words to attendees of the 2010 Khmer Student Coalition Convention.